Current Limiting Reactor

Current Limiting Reactor

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We are offering CLR of 50KW to 7500KW for inductotherm make  power supply and also design as per customer requirements. It is manufactured from high conductive copper hollow tube and passes through various in-process test of AC/DC for inductance and insulation test.


CLR is kind of inductor used to prevent in-rush of current in power supply unit from load to source while short circuit at load side(at coil), It also performs the function of L-C filter to dissipate the energy stored in filter capacitor at the DC source  in power supply unit,

CLR is connected to the negative bus of DC hence in healthy condition of the power supply there is zero potential difference between two end of the same negative bus but when there is short circuit happen, current imbalance is created and generate voltage and give the sense volt to the control card to stop the firing of converter SCR and hence no more DC volt generated.