Induction Melting Coil

Induction Melting Coil

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We are design and manufacture Induction Melting coil for Induction Furnace Assembly matching with 50KW to 7500KW induction Power Supply Unit.

In principle of Coreless induction technology coil winding is works like primary of transformer and metal scrap inside coil is work as load (secondary).

High frequency AC current flow through copper winding which generate eddy current flow in metal scrap due to induction effect high temperature is generate in scrap hence  metal scrap will start to melt out.

Induction melting coil is basic part of induction furnace Assembly.

Induction Coil is made from 99% conductive ETH grade of copper hollow tube having capacity to draw sufficient designed current with required kilowatt.

Induction coil’s outer surface is utilize for  passing high frequency inverter current through and inner hollow section is use to provide path to flow of water for cooling of it.

Induction coil are insulated by flexocoat, silicon rubber tape and Fiber Glass Tape on each turn to withstands high voltage. Also Coils are tested at 7KV insulation and pass through the test of water flow for required LPM.

Each turn of the copper tube is made isolated from each other by maintaining equal spacing between two turns.

Complete coil winding is holds by permali wood coil support at equal distances from each other surrounding the coil periphery.

“We offer spare induction melting coil matching of 50KW to 7500KW Inductotherm make power supply unit. Also having guaranteed long life, high reliability, optimum performance at rated power and frequency.”